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Staying informed is key to making sound investment decisions in today’s market.

Alerts on Ticketape are designed to keep users ahead of the curve providing timely notifications tailored to macro, their user portfolio & watchlists. Whether it’s tracking price movements, catching the right technical opportunity or receiving updates like earnings releases, dividends for current holdings – alerts ensure that users never miss out on important opportunities and stay on top of all the market action through the day with our timely delivered updates. 

  • Pre-Market Update – What to expect today, before the market action begins 
  • Live-Market Update – Real-time updates on all significant movement for Portfolio & Watchlist securities 
  • Post-Market Update – Crisp end of the day summary on performance & more!

With the ability to customise alerts based on specific criteria and preferences, Tickertape users can now take informed decisions with more confidence. 


Smart Buy Alerts

Alert factoring in market movements, empowering users to make informed investment decisions with better confidence.

Three types of Smart Buy Alerts:

1. Nifty Rolling Returns – This indicator is being used to identify investment opportunities and generate an alert during market downtrend. 

2. Market Mood Index This indicator is being used to identify investment opportunities and generate an alert when the market unexpectedly enters a state of heightened fear or bearish sentiment.

3. Moving Average Crossover – This indicator is being used to identify investment opportunities and generate an alert during market uptrend to ride the momentum. 

Market Mood Indicator (MMI)

Alert basis the changing sentiment & mood of the market. Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful. Check the current market sentiment here.

Macro Events 

Stay updated on all the key events in the markets & economy like changes in interest rates, inflation data, GDP numbers etc. with the latest data that have implications on the financial markets.

Price Indicators

Real-time alerts basis Simple Moving Average (SMA) crossovers & New 52W Highs & Lows. 

Simple Moving Average (SMA) – Crossovers provide insights into uptrends or downtrends of a security by tracking the average price of a security over a specified time frame. In an uptrend, SMAs can help identify potential buying opportunities as prices consistently trade above the moving average, signalling strength. During downtrends, SMAs serve as a crucial tool for recognising potential selling opportunities as prices consistently trade below the moving average, indicating weakness. 

New 52W Highs & Lows – When a stock hits its new 52-week high, it often signifies strength and upward momentum, presenting potential buying opportunities for investors looking to ride the wave of a bullish trend. Conversely, a stock touching its 52-week low may indicate weakness or oversold conditions.

Technical Indicators

Timely notifications basis Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Volumes observed on specific securities in portfolio & watchlist.

RSI-based alerts provide invaluable insights highlighting potential overbought or oversold conditions in a security. When an asset’s RSI reaches > 70 it is in the Overbought zone, on the other hand when an asset’s RSI reaches < 30 it is in the Oversold zone. This signals a possible reversal in price direction, offering opportunities to enter or exit positions strategically.

Volume based alerts help in deciphering the security sentiment building over a period of time. Security specific updates if the daily volume is greater than twice the 1 month average daily volume. High volume often accompanies significant price changes, indicating strong conviction among market participants.

Earnings, Dividends & Corporate Actions

Stay up to date on your holdings and watchlisted securities with alerts on upcoming earnings, announced results, expected dividends & announced corporate actions that can have implications on the stock prices.

Basic Alerts

Price Movement 

Price movement alerts serve to keep users informed about changes in security prices in real-time. With the ability to monitor price action closely, users can track any significant changes to stock prices. Example – Greater than (>) 5%,10% movement in Reliance.

Market & Portfolio Performance

Daily updates for Market and Portfolio performance for the day in a crisp and concise way. 

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