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Last Updated on Apr 19, 2024 by Anjali Chourasiya

List of all pharma shares below 50 Rupees

Note: The data is from 2nd April 2024. To get this list of pharma penny stocks in India on the Tickertape Stock Screener, apply the below-mentioned filter.

  • Sector > Health Care > Pharmaceuticals
  • Close Price: Set the higher limit to 50

All the stocks are sorted based on their market capitalisation, from highest to lowest. To know more about these penny stocks, explore them on Tickertape. With our fully-equipped asset pages, you can dive deeper into any stock and mutual fund. 

On asset pages, you get pharma penny stocks share price, their quantitative analysis via Scorecard, forecasts, financial information, peer comparison, company updates, and more. With this information handy, you can analyse any stock within a few clicks. The Scorecard, particularly, helps you analyse the stock based on quantitative factors such as profitability, performance, entry and exit points, valuation, and growth and provides a sneak peek into the potential red flags in the stock. 

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